The southeastern coast is a great place to be a landscape painter.  The abstract shapes within landscapes, provide an endless source of fascination and painting material.  I am drawn to the subtle colors that continually change throughout the year whether they are marshes, skies, beaches, waterways, or architecture.  My goal is to communicate my sense of reverence for the natural world that I experience living here.


Although I have lived in Georgia for over 30 years, I grew up in New York City, and was exposed to great museums and galleries at an early age. Somehow, I knew that there was something there that resonated on a deep level even though it took decades to surface.


Through my early adult years my focus was on raising a family and pursuing a business career.  About 15 years ago, while living in Atlanta, I attended classes at Chris DiDomizio’s Old World Art Atelier. That continued for almost five years.  Since relocating to St. Simons Island I continued workshop studies with many outstanding master artists, including Scott Christensen, Kenn Backaus, Randall Sexton and others.  



George is an artist specializing in landscape and architectural paintings.  He lives on St. Simons Island.


He is currently a member and President of the Georgia Coastal Artists Guild, and a member of The Glynn Art Association,  The Jekyll Island Art Association and Oil Painters of America.